Eruptions: I Want Her To Watch

I’m home. Beaming in the face and I can feel the night all over my body again. Marley is the truth! Damn that is a phenomenal woman! My thoughts of her keep me just as aroused as her presence.

Remember when Method Man said, “5 minutes alone I’m already on the bone”? Well I feel that shit more than ever and she ain’t even here! It’s 10:45 and I want to hit her up. I want her to come get some more of this dick! But I also want to know if she made it home safe. I really care about her safety. It also dawned on me that I have no clue where she lives in relation to the city. In fact, it’s a lot I don’t know about Marley. We really need to have a conversation about us. Not as a couple but as individuals.

Our world is pretty much “2 basic questions and sex”. Not that I’m complaining but that’s what we are. The dates are going different but going very well. I’m very interested in her. The pussy truly is the icing on the cake. And boy would I love to put more icing on her cake right now. Let me see if Miss Marley made it to the crib safe.

*text conversation*

Hey Lady!

Hope you got to your destination safe. Thank you for another incredible evening

*instant response*

Thanks for checking in on me, Clay! I appreciate that. I am home safe and I agree that tonight was every bit of incredible

Good to read!

So, the dates have been going well, but I want to meet again soon. Not for a “date” but a chance to really talk. I realized that I don’t know much about you, but I really wanna know more.

I know a cool lounge called Plush that we can meet at tomorrow. I have business to attend to there. Would you like to meet there?

A chance to see the Boss Lady in action? I’m down for that! Definitely will do. What time?

I’ll be there 3-7pm. Come whenever you can and I’ll will definitely make my way to you.

Cool. I’ll come in the 6pm hour. Handle that business. I don’t want to be a distraction or burden while you work.

You will be neither and I look forward to seeing you sooner than later.

Night-Night Clay Bae! Keep your mind on me tonight.

Goodnight and to be clear my mind hasn’t been off you all night.

Is that right?

That’s real right.

Well good. I like to be unforgettable.

You are succeeding Miss and I thank you for that. Hey…Got time to have some fun with me?

What kind of fun?

Well, I unfortunately have to wash the scent and sex of you off of me before I hit the bed. I was wondering if you wanted to watch.

Ooh! Clay’s kinky! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

But is Marley??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

She is….but give me like 5 minutes ok?

Cool. I’ll FaceTime you in 5.

Yeah, I wanted Marley to come over and get another round in with me, but who knows how long that would have taken. Plus this is a little more creative. I’ve never really been a dick pic sender, especially without request. FaceTime masturbation though? Salute to the OG Steve Jobs is all I’ll say.

I immediately get undressed, throw my waterproof case on my phone and start the shower. I set the phone up on the soap dish that captures me perfectly from Torso to mid thigh.

While I’m prepping the phone rings. It’s Marley! I don’t hesitate to answer. She appears to be in bed, stark naked and her body is an incredible sight to behold.

Marley: I didn’t want to keep you waiting sir.

Clay: No worries at all. I’m down to be patient for you.

Marley: Good to know. Well Clay, although I think you’re extremely handsome. I think it’s time you stand up and show me a little something.

Clay: As you wish Miss Marley.

I wasted no time. I grab the soap and lathered up the rag immediately. As I begin to cleanse myself, I see Marley, biting her bottom lip. Squirming, letting her sexy mahogany thighs rub together. Gorgeous chocolate gateways that hold the fire between her thighs.

I turn around wash my back and hear her voice.

Marley: I think you got everything clean. Now let me see you get dirty!

Clay: You ready for all that?

As she spreads her legs, she rubs her index finger up and down her clit, then swirls it between her lips, takes a taste and says.

Marley: I more than ready!

I say no words. I ring the rag out over my chest and put it on the rack. I then grab the shampoo. Just a small amount and I put my dick in the palm holding the shampoo and then switch hands to put the remaining amount on my tip.

I let my mind wander into the world that is Marley. I envision how good head in this shower would be from her right now.

I imagined her saliva is the soap. Dripping and coating me top to bottom. I’d ask her to go slow, so my glide is soft and gentle to the touch. Marley likes to rub my balls, so I’m doing that while stroking.

I take a moment to open my eyes and watch the screen I see Marley. She’s watching with lust in her eyes and I notice a small object in her hand. Her legs are spread wide as she’s on the edge of the bed and she has her hand firmly over her pussy with what I now know is a vibrator.

She’s moaning. Head tilted back and grinding slowly. As beautiful as it looked, I had to stop her…

Clay: Aye! Keep those eyes on me! I want you to watch how my thoughts of that mouth of yours made me cum in this shower.

Marley: ok Clay bae…you just look so damn fine, I couldn’t resist.

Clay: It’s ok, but It’s time for you to catch this nut.

Marley: I’m waiting for a “Daddy” you got a a “Daddy” for me?

Clay: Let’s find out.

I twist on my tip right under “the mushroom” while rubbing only my sack. I feel my cum rising to the top.

I moan and grip my dick in a twist and tug combination that weakens my knees. I feel myself about to erupt so I call her name.

Clay: Marley! Get ready baby. Oh Marley….Marley…Marley……ahhhhh!

The first shot spills a thick white stream out to her delight. She licks her lips and confirm that was indeed “a Daddy”

As I slow down the pace she stops me.

Marley: Wait! You’re not done. You got more for me. Grab the soap. Get that dick good and soft for me.

I went from director to lead role being coached, but I didn’t care. With throbbing dick being sensitive to the touch, I applied soap gently to my surrounding area to give my shaft a small break from the moment that just was. Now, I’m standing soap suds all over my pelvis and running down my thighs, waiting for Marley’s command.

Marley: Squeeze that dick, Clay! Squeeze it like you are trying to control it’s last breath and jerk it like you have to save it from total destruction.

I obliged her request as I looked into the hungry eyes of my mahogany goddess. Her skin glowing in her low lit room. The forceful sexy tone of her voice, let me know she’s not new to this and it felt so right.

Marley: There you go Clay Bae. Just like that. Now, mix in some more soap, pick up the pace of your stroke and don’t stop till you get a nut.

I turn quick to turn off the water, laid against the shower wall and proceeded with her wish. I pick up speed like a locomotive accelerating with a firm smooth stroke that could keep a nice beat to your favorite song.

Marley: Faster.

I double time. My grip on myself loosens in an oder to pick up speed. As I’m doing this Marley is caressing her breasts and squeezing them together. I then begin to imagine her laying under me as I maintain this stroke with the aftermath being me covering her breasts with everything I have Inside of me.

Marley: Faster Baby! FASTER!

My stroke is rapid fire. I’m caressing myself. I reach with my other hand to lightly graze my sack and it intensifies my feel of arrival. It lowers me and only part of my face is in frame. As I continue the full stroke and rub combination my eyes close and I begin to feel my point of no return rush to my main vein.

I erupt. Letting out a war cry that buckles me in the shower and I lay there. I felt great yet exhausted. If I wasn’t empty before I was now.

Marley: Let me see what you got for me, Clay.

I reach up with just enough strength to grab the phone off the rack and lay back down in the shower. I show Marley my cum laced knuckles and the remaining spill on my tip.

Marley: Damn! Another Daddy!? You’re a sharpshooter, sir

Clay: That’s why I keep condoms on deck. Just never know.

Marley: haha! I see! It’s a shame it all has to go to waste down the drain. Well thank you for a great night and night cap. That was a 5 star performance, mister. We’ll have to do this in person so I can see the face that created that last yell. I like hearing you cum.

Clay: I like cumming for you. So whenever you’re ready, I got you.

Marley: Sleep good, sir. See you tomorrow.

Clay: Yes, tomorrow. I can’t wait. Have a good night.

I get up and put my phone back on the rack, so I can clean myself and the scene. Marley is firmly on my mind. Why is this so easy with her? I’ve tried things like this before and women have been reluctant because of their personal insecurities or they flat out refuse and “not doing all that” because I’m “too freaky for them”. Right now nothing seems to be off limits for Marley. I love that! We’re adults. This is between us. Why should their be limits? Why should it be feedback and extra conversation over ones sexual desires? I’ve always felt like when I got feedback or resistance that means that particular woman wasn’t the one. Marley is proving I was right. It took some time, but seems like I found the right one for me. As least that’s the feeling right now.

Tomorrow will be the first time I see her working. A non date environment. A “just because” meeting to engage in real conversation. We got a lot to talk about. I look forward to learning about Miss Marley. Hopefully this conversation leads to me making more sense of the thoughts and feelings in my head. Either way, I’m rushing to get to sleep, because another day to see Marley awaits.

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