Eruptions: Do I Know You?

It’s morning. I slept like a baby from all of that good nut busting from and inspired by Marley. I’m up and wide awake with many thoughts. Today may be very telling. The intel we receive on each other could determine just how serious our feelings and this situation is.

I look forward to this moment to talk with Marley. Although she is becoming a clear weakness, I want to know if this is something real. Yeah, I got options and I haven’t really cut anyone off, but she’s honestly got me thinking I can fall back and things would be good.

My day isn’t slammed, but nothing is going to make me miss this moment in time during her event. Another thing that I must not miss is my appointment with Dr. Thomas. I got to run down everything that’s been going on and let Doc know that I’m all good. Dr. Thomas is so cool. Dr. Thomas also knows my deepest darkest thoughts. Our therapy sessions have gotten very candid and I feel as connected to the doctor as I do Marley. They truly have been the two people that have been the easiest to open up to in my life.

*Clays regular routine includes a good workout, sometimes twice a day, breakfast, periodic snacking and lunch with friends or sometimes a client. This is all throughout his workday, which can be 8 to 12 hours.*

*Today he’s done a lot of brainstorming with corporations that are trying to cut corners while trying to keep up with the content and technology needed for businesses today. It’s exhausting to say the least, but Clays not paid by the execution. It’s 5pm and Clay is officially ready to make his way to Marley and her event. In his mind the day has officially begun.*

Plush is a brand new lounge in the South Loop. Looking it up it appears that the Grand Opening is today. This is intriguing, because Marley said she has business here. Looking forward to see what that means. Also, glad that I am prepared for whatever attire wise. Tailored Royal Blue suit, Slim fit black shirt, square toe hard bottom shoes. No tie, it’s just not that kind of day. As I walk up to Plush I see a moderate size line. I figure let me text Marley and let her know I’m here. It’s about 5:45pm

*Text Thread*

Clay: Hey Lady! Just made it up here. Be inside in a minute

Marley: Clay! One minute!

As I’m standing in line I look up and see her. Great minds thinking alike, because she is wearing a Royal Blue sleeveless dress with matching suede blue heels. Everything hugs her body so right. Her hair is in a ponytail that is curled and draped over her right shoulder. We lock eyes and she ushers me over to her. I hop out of line, she tells security, “He’s my guest” and we walk right in.

Clay: Look at you, looking incredible as always

Marley: Aww, listen at you. Thanks! And I see you got the Royal Blue memo.

Clay: Apparently! haha! Matching you is definitely something always on my mind

As we are walking through the lounge, I’m noticing how dope this spot is! Low lights, music not too loud. 2 Bars and several group booths and intimate tables. There’s even a small stage for live music. This is definitely a spot I would like to frequent.

We make it over to the bar and Marley introduces me to a couple guys named Eddie and Steven. They’re the owners. I congratulate them on the opening and tell them how nice the place looks. They thank me and began to praise Marley for all of her hard work in making this happen. I give her an impressive look and also join in on the praise of her. We close out the conversation exchanging business cards, ordering a couple drinks and Marley then takes me over to a 2 person table in the corner of the lounge. Time to get to know who this beautiful woman getting all of this praise is.

Marley: Thanks for coming Clay!

Clay: Glad to do it. So the owners are impressed and praising you. Why? What is your role in all this?

Marley: I planned this entire night. I’m an Event Planner. Also gave them a little decorative advice. Least I could do for a client that pays on time and stays out of my way and let me do me, you know?

Clay: Wow! That’s what’s up! So do you work for a company?

Marley: Not anymore! Went Independent about 3 years ago. Took 10 clients with me too. It was a little scary, but I knew I could do more than what the company was allowing me to and you know how they will try to keep a Sista down in Corporate America if they can. I don’t ever want to give any company or person that much power over my work of my appearance ever again.

Clay: I hear that! That’s commendable, Marley. You have a truly inspiring story here. I feel the same way. A lot of these predominantly white companies want the flash, flair and flavor of our culture, but they don’t really want the people that can make it happen being who they are. It sucks, but we got to make it happen until we can make it happen for ourselves.

Marley: Exactly! Even in a segregated city like Chicago, I’m thriving. I have no idea what’s next as far as Chicago goes, but I’m definitely enjoying this ride and will make the most of every opportunity coming my way.

Clay: Cheers to that. So what’s the next main goal? I know you got one.

Marley: Smart man. Traveling. Taking this show on the road. Operating out of Chicago, but trying to get events planned in other cities and states. I like my privately owned and low key operation, but I want to expand to the point, I’m good in any city and I’m planning some of the best events in that city, regardless of the celebrity or the spectacle that is coming to town.

Clay: Big Dreamer. I love it. So let’s get personal.

Marley: Let’s do it.

Clay: You have boyfriend? A side nigga? Children that you conveniently didn’t tell me about when you were riding me and asking if I did?

Marley: lol! No to all the above. I had a relationship. It wasn’t serious, because he chose not to be.

Clay: Foolish man.

Marley: If you say so. He wasn’t giving me what I needed in any way, but had the nerve to make it seem like I was in need of him. Communication, respect, satisfaction, all one sided. I was starting to really loathe his ass, but was keeping him around to get stroked down time to time. He was decent at best in that department though. So I wasn’t sweating him for it.

Clay: Refreshing to know a woman who has this scenario and is keeping it a buck about it, ha!

Marley: I was going to hit him up one day during my lunch and then I seen this very handsome Brotha at the Bar Louie in the city. He had on a nice black slim fit suit. Vibrant purple shirt, black loafers. He was a real fly dude. He looked to be about 6’4, I assume with a Clean cut and low shaped beard.

Clay: Oh Word? How did that turn out?

Marley: First day I saw him, nothing. No approach. Just spotted him and wondered. I’m almost positive he didn’t notice me.

Clay: Damn. Sounds like you might have missed your ideal replacement.

Marley: Missed? Oh no, not at all. By fate or circumstance we would meet again. Literally about 2 weeks later.

Clay: Really?

Marley: Yep! I would see him at a birthday party I planned for a Mr. Williamson.

Clay: Whoa! Wait! Mr. Williamson’s party? That’s where we met. It was me!? haha! Get out of here! lol! You seen me at Bar Louie one day?

Marley: I sure did. You trying to be all casually fine, with your friends or whatever. I was definitely not going to approach you in front of your friends though. Just didn’t seem like the right time. I was scoping you though. Definitely liked what I saw. Was hoping I’d see you again.

Clay: Wow! That’s crazy! So you seen me before I ever seen you?

Marley: Yep. And since that day, I been plotting a way to get your attention.

Clay: Well I’m glad fate or circumstance brought us together. It has been incredible getting to know you.

Marley: Likewise sir. You were definitely all I expected and surprisingly, so much more.

Clay: Good to know. I had no expectations. I was just drawn to you and wanted an experience. You’ve been nothing short of a great experience. As we talk, I am genuinely liking you more.

Marley: Shout to Mr. Williamson and his bomb ass party!

Clay: Indeed, shout to Mr. Williamson and his party!

Marley: So any other questions?

Clay: What’s your last name?

Marley: Strong. Marley Strong. Yours?

Clay: Ellis. Clay Ellis. Do you think you’ll ever get tired of fucking me?

Marley: I should be asking you that same question, Mr. 4 I can call anytime. But to answer directly. One good dick is all I need. I’m not wired for fucking a lot of guys and enjoying it. To be honest, I tried and it’s not my thing nor is something that’s easy to accomplish with 2-3 men. As freaky as I like to get, I know that’s not for everybody. Men say they want “a real freak” I’d say less than 10% are truly mature enough with the stamina to really handle it. I’ve been judged for how I’m willing to get down for my man and I don’t need that bullshit.

Clay: I like that answer for so many reasons. I agree. Most men want to be possessive as they roam. Keep one all to themselves as the run wild free and recklessly. It’s just not realistic.

Marley: So what’s your deal? How are you operating out here.

Clay: In dating there’s no rules. In a relationship, I try to do the traditional thing, but honestly, it’s just not for me. My appetite for women is just too great. I’m not out here actively trying to fuck everything in site, but when I do see something I like, I definitely want the experience. Even if it’s just for a couple nights. I don’t sell dreams or make it seem like I’m trying to wife every woman I want sex from, but I would like the opportunity to occasionally dip just to get a different feel.

Marley: So you want love, but you want all the sex you can get.

Clay: Exactly! That is literally it! But you know like I know a lot of women are not trying to hear that shit. So I just avoid relationships until I really feel something I never felt before.

Marley: Haha! True. Well for clarity, if I had your heart and your honesty. I wouldn’t have a problem with that.

Clay: Really?

Marley: Yes.

Clay: To be clear. You are saying right now, if I was able to commit to you, I and you knew I loved you. You would let me indulge in other women?

Marley: Yes, really. I’m not saying treat me like a don’t exist or “play single”, but if you really wanted to conquer another woman time to time, it’s honestly not a deal breaker for me.

Clay: Wow…This is too good to be true

Marley: Sex and love are not the same thing, Clay. We are all sexual beings. Men obviously more than most women. I’ve definitely met men who I knew would only be a good fuck and if they failed at that, it was literally nothing to talk about. I think part of the reason why most men get a bad rap for “stepping out” is because they are shunned for desiring the feel of another woman, because we are all taught that “a real man only needs one woman”. That sounds cool, until you really get out in this world and realize no one has everything for one other person.

Clay: Facts! Just like the general, “I cook, clean, take care of home” but can you suck a mean dick though? Can you ride it like a young warrior and put me to sleep? Can we vibe to a rap album and watch UFC pay per view and genuinely enjoy it and not cause “That’s what he likes”? Then it’s women that just flat out don’t listen to you because all of their needs are top priority.

Marley: Yeah, it’s not as easy or cut and dry as society makes it out to be.

Clay: At all!

Marley: So, Clay, even though I prefer just one king in my castle. How would you feel if I wanted to step out and get some extra dick?

Clay: Great question. It wouldn’t be right to forbid you to do a thing like that and then have the option of the same freedom.

Marley: It sure wouldn’t be.

Clay: I don’t know. I guess the main thing is I wouldn’t want it to be someone I knew or close to me. Also, worry about how random it would be knowing how good your pussy is. I can’t see any man wanting just one night with you and that being more than enough. Part of me would like to watch you get fucked though.

Marley: Mmmm! Kinky ass Clay! Sounds like you’re down for a hell of a Saturday night, lol!

Clay: HAHAHA! You know know! Sometimes I amaze myself.
Wow. Marley. Never ceasing to amaze me. You’re not the average woman, Ms. Strong.

Marley: Thank you Mr. Ellis. You’re pretty exceptional yourself. This is a really good conversation.

Clay: It is. And it is making you even sexier to me. I love your thought process as much as everything else.

Marley: Is that right?

*As we lock eyes, the DJ throws on Gangstarr “She Knows What She Wants” and Marley looks over my shoulder*

Marley: Clay come with me, I got something to give you.

Clay: Right behind you.

She takes my hand and she ushers me over to the utility closet. We move swiftly and are out of sight to anyone in the mix and mingle. As the door closes behind me, she leads in to kiss me while reaching for my belt. As she unstraps me she reaches in forcefully and pulls out my dick. I’m throbbing as she drops to her knees. She looks me in the eyes and pecks on my tip.

Marley: As much as I want to take my time. I’m working so we got to make this quick, she says while beginning to rolling her tongue across my tip

Clay: Do what you must now cause I’ll get all I need later.

She closes her eyes, opens wide and starts inhaling my dick. Wetting it just right. No sloppy suck this time. A nice saturated bob with a soft stroke. She begins to pick up speed instantly and I feel a rush. She takes my dick out of her mouth and strokes it fast and starts to lick on my balls. I tilt my head back as the sensation becomes better than the show.

Clay: Marley, I’m gonna cu…

I couldn’t even get it out before she put me right back in her mouth as I erupted while her head bobbed down to my pulsating explosion. I grabbed the back of her head and tried not to be too loud but man was she incredible. My knees were weak. I’m sliding down the door and she is drinking me. Stroking my dick and draining every drop of me on her tongue

I watch as absolutely nothing spills. Not one drop or mess has been made. As she finishes swallowing, I lift her chin up, bring her up to me and tongue kiss her. I know we got to go, but I got to feel that pussy now.

Marley: How long were you holding that for me?

Clay: Since I woke up. Marley, please…

Marley: Please what?

Clay: Let me get that pussy from the back real quick? I don’t have a rubber on me but I really got to feel you now.

Marley: Right now? she says, as she grabs a hold of my dick and teases the tip with her index finger

Clay: Yes! I’ll pull out. I got you.

Marley: No, I got you…

She lifts her skirt, turns to the utility rack and arches her back. I slowly but forcefully put my raw dick inside of her. My first 3 strokes are long and passionate. Then I proceed to annihilate her guts as I pick up speed and force.

Marley: Beat this pussy, Clay! Disrespect it! Let it know you want to own it! She says in a panting voice.

I am loving this! The excitement, the danger, the feel of her pussy as I glide in and out like grease lightning. She is gripping my dick with her walls and the sensation feels wetter than ever. She is talking her shit and I am losing my mind!

Marley: Fuck it up, Clay! Fuck it up! You want this to be your pussy baby? Is this pussy all yours?

I tell her hell yeah, and the strokes get stronger and deeper. I feel myself about to cum and from the sound of things so is she.

Marley: Clay! Hang on baby, I’m gonna cum.

Clay: I really don’t know if I can.

Marley: We got to save this moment for a better time.

She takes her hand and rubs her clit vigorously. She began to give a quiet screech, pulls away and turns around and catches my next nut right before I erupt again. She’s still rubbing her clit and moaning as she takes me deep in her mouth. Again, no mess. This was perfect. She is incredible!

Marley: Damn, Clay! You shooting a damn Brady Bunch today! I would like to eat actual food today as well, ha!

Clay: You know how to bring the best out of me. Lunch and Dinner is on me next time.

She kisses my dick and lets me know we have to go. The moment is one of a kind. Even within the circumstance it feels like it’s only us in this entire building. It’s like the world stops when we touch.

I hurry and buckle up. She checks the door and makes sure the coast is clear before we exit the utility closet and make our way back to the main area of the lounge.

Marley: We were going to cum at the same time Clay.

Clay: I know. That was a little piece of heaven right there.

Marley: I want to cum at the same time with you, Clay.

Clay: So do I, Marley. I would love that.

Marley: It’s almost 7pm. Time for me to wrap up. What are you doing tomorrow?

Clay: I was thinking more about doing you tonight. Want to come over?

Marley: I do. Can I run home and get some clothes for the next day?

Clay: You can do whatever you want, long as I can feel that pussy again tonight.

Marley: Well, I guess I’ll see you soon.

Clay: Glad to hear it.

As I make my way out to the car, I am beaming. Another layer to Marley and I am still all in on this woman. She’s so rare and not for surface level reasons. We still have so much more to talk about. But right now. It’s all about me being deep inside of her for another eruption as soon as she makes it to my house.

Image by Saulius Rozanas from Pixabay

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