Eruptions: We Are A Match

As I am getting off at my exit, I see my phone light up. It’s Marley, telling me that she is heading my way and wanting to know if I have made it home yet. I let her know that I have just pulled into the parking lot and will be ready as soon as she hits the door.

I waste no time. I immediately head into the house and turn down the comforter on the bed. I have a few candles so I lit those. I want that sex vibe from the moment she walks in. I scope the room and make sure everything is just how I want it and hit Marley up letting her know I have the door unlock and to just come in after she makes it in the building. Now it’s time to prep myself. I undress and hop in the shower, cleansing myself of my day and the moment that was in preparation for a new one. As I finish up and turn the water off, I’m startled.

Marley: Am I too late to join you?

Clay: SHIT! Damn you scared the shit out of me!

Marley: HAHAHA! Sorry. Now it time for me to fuck the shit out of you. First, let me freshen up a bit.

She kicks off her heels and removes her dress from her shoulders and lets her dress hit the floor. She grabs my hand and ushers me out of the shower and she begins to walk in. She turns the water on and stands under the water, letting the drops rain down all over her hair and her beautiful chocolate skin. She asks me for a washcloth so I hurry to oblige. Then, I watch her cleanse. The soap running off her shoulders. Her nipples sprouting as the steam builds up. The way she rubs and caresses her clitoris while cleansing that delicious looking pussy I can’t wait to devour. My dick is harder than the shower glass I am looking through. It’s time for what she came for.

Clay: Shower time is over, Miss Marley. Time for you to make good on your promise to fuck the shit out of me.

I open the shower door, turn off the water and just look at her. Her body is glistening. She reaches her hand out and I walk her out the she shower. I kiss her lips, then begin to pick up and carry her over to the bathroom sink. I set her down on the sink and slide my dick inside of her. Her legs tighten around my waist and I start pumping hard and strong. She’s breathing heavy, eyes closed and is slowly losing her grip around my waist as I drive deep in her with passionate force. I kiss her neck and pump harder. She thens makes a request.

Marley: Let me watch you fuck me, Clay. Let me watch you beat this pussy up like only you can.

I ease up and pull out, she pushes me back, hops off the sink, turns around and faces the mirror. She pokes her ass up and out in a bowlegged stance.

Marley: This pussy needs more disrespect, Clay. Fuck it up like you did earlier.

I immediately hover over her body, putting myself deep inside her. So deep that she raises up. I have both of her breasts in my hand and I’m licking on her neck. She’s panting and I try to put my dick in deeper as my hands caress her nipples and torso. I ease some of myself out, grab her hips, let her get in position and begin to thrust in and out of her. She’s watching me. She’s enjoying me.

Marley: Just like that, Clay Bae. Don’t stop what you’re doing.

Her moan is driving me crazy. Her hair is dancing to my rhythm. I grab a handful of it and tug gently as I continue to stroke.

Clay: Keep that head up, baby. This what you wanted right? Watch me fuck this pussy real good like this right?

Marley: Yes! Yes Daddy! Yes I did!

Clay: What you call me?

Marley: Daddy! Get your pussy Daddy!

The word Daddy has never sounded sexier to me than right now. She pulled it off. I am overly turned on by the way she says it. I definitely want to let her know how much I enjoy that soon.

I release my grip from her hair and apply more pressure to her waist. She’s now grabbing the sink like she’s trying to hang on for dear life. It’s no more talking, just moaning which turns to hollering. Then she begins to scream as her body shakes in my hands. As she shakes and hollers, I hear splattering on the floor. I look down to see a puddle forming under us.

I made her squirt again. Much more intense than last time. This one caused her body to quake uncontrollably. I pull out of her some and begin to tease her pussy with my tip, to see if I can make more of her juices spray out. She’s still shaking and she puts her hand behind her back to stop me. She turns around and lays her head on my chest. I wrap my arms around to hug her. I pick her up back in my arms and carry her to the bed.

As we lay in the bed, I can still feel her body quivers. She’s relaxing on my chest and I am basking in the moment that was.

Marley: Damn Clay. I don’t ever think I’ve been hit from the back like that before.

Clay: I hope that’s a good thing to hear.

Marley: It’s a great thing. My body is shaking and I squirted. You put it down. I want more, but I got to get myself together first.

Clay: HAHA! Take all the time you need. I’m always going to want more of you. By the way. You saying Daddy, Almost me nut all in your pussy.

Marley: LOL! for real? Why?

Clay: Something about your voice when you say it makes it sound sexy. That word has never had a great sexual undertone to me, but you just changed all that.

Marley: Well you was definitely dropping that “Daddy Dick” tonight. Type of dick to make a bitch listen to anything your ass say, lol! Clay, have you ever felt like this before?

Clay: If you’re referring to this unexplainable chemistry we have, no?

Marley: That’s exactly what I mean. I’ve had guys that felt good inside of me, made me cum and peaked my interest, but none of them have been all three with incredible intrigue like you.

Clay: I’m glad you’re feeling these things. I feel them too. You’re an incredible combination of a lot of things I’d thought I never find. You’re so beautiful, creative, hustle hard and you can take all the rough dick that I can dish out. I haven’t gotten the feeling that I’m overbearing or too much for you. You haven’t been focused on what I can do for you. You’re just living in the moment. I really like that about you.

Marley: I like that you fit this pussy like a glove.

Clay: I like that your pussy squirts.

Marley: I like that you knew to grab my hair while fucking me from the back.

Clay: I like that you can give neat or sloppy head and it still feels great.

Marley: Clay, How important is sex in a relationship to you?

Clay: Very. Like vital! I know that’s not deemed the right thing to say, but that’s what it is for me.

Marley: I understand. It’s very important for me too. I know we don’t know how each other truly lives and our core habits, but I think we got this sex thing down.

Clay: Agreed. It may sound crazy, but every time I’m with you it’s almost like I’m with a different woman. It’s all you and you are incredible, but it’s like you’re giving me something new every time. I really enjoy that.

Marley: I’m glad you are enjoying me, Clay. I’m enjoying you too. But the million dollar question is, could you see yourself fucking only me?

Clay: Asking me right now, based off what I feel, yes. But you’re like no woman I’ve ever encountered sexually before.

Marley: Oh really? How so?

Before I begin to answer Marley has put her leg between mine and is rubbing my dick. It’s sensual and clear she is trying to get something started. I start to harden in her had and begin to rub her back.

Clay: You’re not waiting for me to make the move or set the mood. Your secure with yourself and your sexuality. Oddly that’s not common. You can take charge and work the dick, but you also like when I just go to work on you. Hell, just you squirting is the ultimate turn on for me!

She begins to lick in a circular motion around the tip of my dick. She sees me enjoying it so she puts the entire tip in her mouth and lets me throb in her hand.

Marley: So what you’re basically saying is, you think you may have found your sexual match. Someone who you feel is compatible with you in the bedroom that’s not making you look or even think about “new pussy” for the moment.

Clay: I really like that explanation. I’m comfortable running with that statement.

Marley: Well I always want you comfortable, Clay.

Clay: I feel the same way. I also don’t want these feelings to end.

Marley: Let’s not think about our feelings, Clay. Let’s just feel.

Marley straddles me in revere with my dick in hand and proceeds to lick up and down my sack. I caress her back and ass and ask her to bring her gorgeous legs back and put her pretty pussy in my face. She does it. I cup her ass in my hands and start tongue kissing her pussy. While I’m doing that she tilts her head back and moans. I bury my face deep and stick my tongue in her pussy. Rolling it around as she rapidly strokes my dick.

Marley: That’s the kind of games you want to play, huh?

Clay: Yep! All night! I say while still buried between her legs.

Marley: You bout to make me cum again, Clay.

Clay: You came to cum right? Chill and let me do my thing.

Marley: But you got to cum too!

Clay: And I will. You’ve never failed in that department. You got me. I know it.

Marley: That’s right, Daddy. I do.

Marley lifts her pussy off of my face and begins to slobber all over my dick. Then she took as much down as she could and began to bob on my dick while rubbing inside of my thighs. I couldn’t control myself. I grip and slam her pussy back in my face and begin licking everything my tongue could reach. She’s moaning on my dick. I’m moaning in her pussy. I yell inside of her, “I’m going to nut” and she grabs my dick with one hand and starts stroking, slobbering and bobbing. I feel her starting to fuck my face. Riding me rough while trying to stay focused on taking care of me. I’m licking her so good that she raises up for air and to moan. Then, she goes back down and starts stroking and bobbing her head so fast that I holler for a leg shaking eruption that almost made me knee her in the face.

Marley: You like that, huh?

Clay: Oh my God!

Marley: That’s a yes, lol!

Clay: That nut came from parts unknown. I’ve never felt that before. You never cease to amaze me.

Marley: Well that’s good. Cause as soon as you’re ready for more. I’m going to ride this dick like I will never see it again. I came here to fuck the shit out of you and definitely got more than I was prepared for tonight.

She would lay on my chest and we would began to talk more. We talked life goals, movies, favorite songs. Found out she stays in Orland Park which isn’t far from me at all. We would talk and sex again. To be clear, she rode my dick till I literally fell asleep in her pussy. I woke up with her in my arms and it was a great feeling. One I could definitely get used to.

I haven’t had a dynamic like this in a long time. This feels really good. I think I really have a friend in this woman. Someone who seems to not only understand me, but also shares a lot of my same thought process. There are twice as many women on earth but this isn’t something you find in a beautiful woman every day.

Finally a woman that is not trying to compete with me. Finally a woman not obsessed with proving herself to me and just being who she is unapologetically. Marley is so secure with herself that all I am is icing on her cake. And I don’t mind covering her cake in every physical and metaphorical way. It’s refreshing. It’s making me want her more. I don’t know what we have, but I like it. I like her. Like the LL classic says, this is more than a crush.

Image by Saulius Rozanas from Pixabay

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