2018: Dedication, Hard Work plus Patience

Written December 11th 2018. Edited December 30th

My spirit is telling me to speak on my year now even though this year is far from over. What I can tell you about the image above is these are the things I feel comfortable sharing and can sum up my year the best.

The surgery picture is confirmation that it was important to improve my health this year and even through the pain, I was able to joke and press forward. I made great strides. I gave up fast food and pork for over 5 months. I fasted for 3 days. I began a serious mission to get rid of my belly fat and so far so good.

The family pic is a reminder of what matters most to me. I don’t get those moments enough and it’s a reminder to stay focused and know that no matter the obstacle, I can make it happen. Absolutely nothing on this earth can stop me from being the father I want to be.

I put out my first book this year. I am still living in a beautiful disaster and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. The moments help shape my life and mind. It helps me press on and feel satisfaction when I persevere and survive. I am still overwhelmed by the people who purchased, read and liked the book. I still want to do promo and really push it. It’s only the beginning in more ways than five.

I may have left the corporate terrestrial radio world, but this has been my favorite year for media and content to date. I have 2 podcast that hit the 1 year mark this year. The First Black Champ podcast and Bangin on Lunch Tables podcast. I also made some guest spots on other shows and created what I feel is some of the greatest content and conversations I’ve ever had. It’s been a blast creating with friends, meeting new creators and creating really dope moments that I hope will live forever.

Debt and the quest for financial freedom became a battle so real that I took what was probably the biggest lost I’ve ever had. That picture at the top right is my bank account. When I said “I didn’t have it” or “I’ll try to make something happen” that’s exactly what it meant. This storm will pass but reality is very hard to bear sometimes. I’ve already begun the repair and know that brighter days are ahead.

Through all the highs and lows I experienced this year, it all came down to one word for me; Gratitude. I’m grateful to be alive. I’m grateful to have worked every single month this year. I am grateful that I was able to create the moments I wanted to create in media. I am grateful for the true friends in my life and the great opportunities that were presented as I rolled with every punch this year swung at me. The image above proves, I truly won more than I loss.

Top Left. My favorite Rap album of the year. Nipsey Hussle “Victory Lap”. I feel some of the lyrics, songs and concepts so much in this album it’s scary. I remained Dedicated to my progress. Willing to Hustle so I can too can motivate. This album gave me a lot of hope that I can make something happen. Won’t lie to you, somedays I tear up on a couple songs because of what I’ve gone through. This made the above image simply because it’s added to the soundtrack of my life.

I will allow nothing or no one to break my spirit and stop me from my quest for greatness. 2019 is going to solidify that I am a true force that can not be denied. I welcome all challenges and opportunities. The best years of my life are just beginning. 2018 was a year to get back and maintain. 2019, I go for more than I ever imagined.

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