Do I Belong Here?

As 2019 set in and as the days go by, I’ve become antsy and anxious. Anxious for a whole new endeavor. One that speaks to my spirit and ambitions. What I want to do and what I am paid to do must cross paths and become one again. I am ready to make that a reality again. It’s time I take steps towards doing that.

Yesterday, it became blindingly obvious to me that I sit amongst people that don’t believe that they can do anything. I listen to them shoot down a young persons aspirations to make a move, try something different and embrace change. It honestly made me angry. How can people sit and just tell someone “don’t do that” or “you shouldn’t do that” because they never did or more than likely, just don’t know how to do it. I’ve had similar conversations with this group before, but I’m so far in my optimism that they just run out of words and or excuses. Although I’m sure they don’t “mean to be” they’re too negative and I honestly don’t want to be around long enough for it to become a mindset that I embrace

Do I belong here? That is a question that I have answered emphatically with a “NO!” in recent days. It’s no offense to my current life and lifestyle, but this isn’t it. This isn’t me. I wasn’t meant to do this long term and it’s more than obvious now that I have a clear mind and a greater outlook on the life that could be. The normalcy and average way of life is one I am just not meant to live. It doesn’t excite me enough to keep me going, so I must move one.

I have a new fire. A fire that is waiting to bust out of my circumstance and go after what I really want. I’m going to take a big risk this year. I am going to have a new conversation and I am going to do something that I didn’t even think I would do just 3 weeks ago. I’m in a great space with a new mindset and I truly am ready, to get back to the original business I tended to before life became too much to bear.

I don’t have details. I just have thought and action. It’s time. I’m better than ever mentally. I’ve gotten what I needed to prepare me for the next phase. Now, it’s time to get what I want.

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