10 Post A Day

The last week or so, I’ve taken time out to watch and listen to more Gary Vee content. It always help me to get level when I get anxious or impatient or trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. He dropped a new gem that I been thinking about off and on and am currently working on a strategy to execute. Creating 10 post a day.

Right now, I’m not doing 10 post a week, especially if you don’t count my IG story. I’m also not as in tune with the world I want to be in as I used to be. As I make an effort to get back and deeper in, I want to have a social media presence that matters. I want to elevate myself as well as have something of great value to present. Listening to Gary Vee, it will start by creating 10 post a day.

Yes, I’m worried about not having 10 post a day everyday. I am worried that the content will become to repetitive. I do wonder what I will do to shake things up and break up the monotony. The thing is though, I really need to stop worrying and just start doing.

Right now I at least want to plan out the type of post I want to do that way it doesn’t seem so random or pointless to who I am at my core. I also got to get back into creating everyday, which somehow, I’ve severely slacked on. No matter what the bottom line is it all falls on me and I got to put in the work if I want to see the changes. Here to less thought and more action!

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