A Gratitude Call

I just got a call today from one of my good friends from the broadcasting industry.

A few weeks back he reached out wanting assistance with his resume. Although I was a little apprehensive about how much I could help, I agreed to help and did all I could to make sure I didn’t waste his time or make him feel like he wasted the wage given to me to perform the writing task.

Today, that friend called to say, Thank you. He says the resume I edited, he posted and it got him offers. The offer he took is officially putting him on a new career path and he and his Fiance are relocating! He said it all started with the resume and he wanted to sincerely thank me. He told me, “You could have said, No and not help me, but you didn’t. It may seem small to you, but it’s huge for me.”

WOW! Talk about a gracious humbling moment. That was so cool and great for my soul to receive that I am just in awe. I’m basking in the moment and the positive words shared. I’m beaming! That was really cool to receive from a friend that became a customer. To deliver in that manner for a person is unreal! I’ve always wanted my writing to help, assist, identify and connect. The official word is this definitely has done some if not all of that! That’s amazing!

WOW! Extreme gratitude! Congrats, My G! Do what you always do! KILL IT!

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