Remembering when I wanted this

A web search excited my spirit and brought me back to 10 years ago. 10 years ago I was in my dream car and it truly felt like a dream. I hated when I had to trade it in for something more reliable. Looking back I was just in over my head and couldn’t afford to repair what needed to be fix, pay the note and relocate at the same time. So I traded it in and got a safe and reliable vehicle that looking back gave me a lot of security and less heartache. It was a great car. It just wasn’t this car.

During my search, I found my car again! 6 years newer but exactly the one I had bought. Probably 12,000 more miles than when I bought mine, but also about half the price of the one I originally bought now 12 years ago. I want it! No, scratch that. I’m going to get it! It didn’t happen for no reason. All my energy is in to making this happen and doing it smarter than the last time. I’m excited to make another aspiration in to a goal.

The memories I have are still tangible. The clothes I bought, the music I listened to, the art that I created. All were influenced by this vehicle. I was truly happy. I was truly in love with this vehicle. It was more than a means of transportation. It was truly an extension of my life and times.

This one is for the old me that didn’t understand who he had to be to get what he wanted and the sacrifice in him to keep it. It’s a new day and a new me, but I want that old thing back. I want it for me. To accomplish something special for my self esteem, patience and growth. I can’t wait to share the news of me being the proud owner again! This time, I won’t let go without a great fight.

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