Bangin On Lunch Tables: 3 Migos Are Better Than 1

A lot of albums dropped and everyone isn’t worth listening to. And it’s time to finally come to the reality that the Migos are better together than apart and they may need to fall back for a second. Cam talks the “Takashi 69 Conspiracy Theory” he heard and we stop giving rappers respect for hitting the same girl on this weeks #BanginOnLunchTables podcast!

New Music – 1:07
-The Gorilla Zoe Run – 3:57
-Smiff N Wessun – 9:08
-Lil Pump – 13:32
-Offset – 17:09

-A Real Migos conversation – 21:15
-The Lox May Really Be The Best Sidebar – 27:40
-The Tekashi 69 Consipiracy Theory – 35:05
– Are we done respecting Rapper’s taste and choice in women? 50:38
– Final Words 1:05:55
– Best “Non Kendrick Album” from TDE
– Lets get rid of relevant/irrelevant 1:12:30

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