Confessions of A Quitter

A common mistake I made in the past was quitting things too soon…

I’ve quit a number of things. Jobs, activities, people. All because I got tired of them. I wanted to move on. I didn’t want to wait for the change. I just wanted to have the change when I wanted it. Not sure why I do that, but I do.

My mind moves so fast that things get old real fast. That “old to me new to you” phrase; I embody that. Except I like to move on and move quickly. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve done for 10 years outside up waking up and breathing. I don’t understand why I move on so quick. No sure what it is that’s inside of me that makes me want to go “on to the next” so fast and leave everything behind.

I can’t blame anyone who would question my consistency or my dedication to anything. I literally am sitting here slightly disappointed in myself for certain things I didn’t stay with or push to keep going. I want to change that cycle and be a person who “sticks it out”. Not sure how to cure that…but I need to.

Small victories. In the last 10 years I did stay with one job for 6 years. That’s huge for me. I never worked 4-5 years anywhere else before then.

I have 2 podcast. Both are over a year old and I have yet to be “bored” “complacent” or ready to end either of those. In fact I’m thinking of ways to take them to the next level. Again huge for me in hindsight.

Then there’s my daughter. The true catalyst of why I want to be better and do better. Why I take on challenges and discipline practices. I do it so I can teach her to be better than me. We have limited time so I want that time to be of great value. The best way to do that is to be a person who values time and makes the most of every moment.

I think it’s time that I pick up something that I liked doing and should have never stopped once I got rolling. It could very well be the blessing in disguise that I’ve been looking for. I’ll do it smarter, better and really stick it out. No rush, I’ll make it apart of my marathon.

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