Bangin On Lunch Tables: Nobody Running 2019 Yet

J.R. Bang said Megan Thee Stallion got a Pimp C vibe and her likes and plays are officially up. We’ll explain why it’s worth a listen even if you’re a man that swears women rapping “isn’t for you”. Cam is done arguing whether or not To Pimp A Butterfly is a classic or a masterpiece. You may or may not believe the reason why. It’s Another enlightening episode of the #BanginOnLunchTables podcast!

Megan Thee Stallion – 8:30

Is there an Album of The Year candidate yet? – 14:52
– Who could benefit from the soft start in 2019? – 21:40
– That Cole Kendrick Project was never happening! – 24:19

CamQuotes is not longer going back and forth over TPAB – 35:35
– The Album revelation
– Artist aren’t making TPAB songs or albums
– What’s performing like a classic? TPAB or Damn? – 56:05

Final Words – 1:07:05

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