Long Live Nipsey Hussle

The last 3-5 years of life for me has been a bit rough. I’ve been trying to “figure it out” “stay focus” “stay motivated” and “make something happen”. One artist who was definitely getting me through those times was Nispey Hussle. Nip was one of those few artist that gave you the street stuff but also gave you some real game and a blueprint to rise above your situation. He was speaking life, promise and progression to hip-hop and the young black and brown people in it.

I don’t want to accept his death right now. I can’t. Man, I was just sleeping in my grandma’s car to save money to get to a part time job in the city of Chicago. Listening to “All Get Right”, knowing that one way or another, I was going to pick myself up out of my circumstance. Although he was a young dude, Nipsey was saying and doing great and brilliant things. Making real life evolutions and becoming a person that the world really needed. It was a symbol of success. A ray of hope. He was black man with a purpose and a message. This is a devastating loss. Not just as a rap fan, but as a black man in America.

Victory Lap spoke to my soul. Some of those lyrics are gospel to me. Dedication and Hustle & Motivate are staples in my life. The Marathon campaign is something that I connected with and it helped me build disciplines to live by.

I truly am saddened by the news of Nipsey’s murder. Yeah, I want justice, but I also want it to be false. I want to not even have this post be in my mind. No person with great purpose should have their life cut short. We can’t replace Nip and I highly doubt we will find many better at what he was doing.

Prayers and condolences to Lauren London, his family and real friends. We will miss you physically, Nip. May your spirit and your purpose live in us and in hip-hop culture forever.

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