Bucket List Item: Start A Band

For about 10 years now, if not longer, I have wanted to start a band. For years I rapped and put out projects and for a multitude of reasons, that didn’t appease my musical desires moving forward. Present day I love the sport and the mental exercise of it, but I feel it’s not a 100% representation of me and my wide range of musical taste.

The last “hip-hop show” I wanted to do was going to be me with a vintage microphone, in a blue sport coat with a spotlight performing more melodic versions of songs I had written. At least that was the vision. Sounds nothing like the average hip-hop show, right? That vision is now 10 years old and still not complete. Long story short, the venue we were supposed to do the show at had an underaged drinking bust on a night we were not there and the place lost it’s liquor license and temporarily shutdown. When it reopened, hip-hop wasn’t welcomed. 10 years ago that was very common throughout the city of Chicago and its suburbs.

Over the last 10 years I put down the “rap dreams” but never lost my love to create music. I still love to write and perform even if it’s for myself. It runs a little deeper than liking karaoke night or singing along with the live entertainment at a restaurant or event. There’s a part of me that comes alive and truly loves doing it.

I really want to start a band and truly don’t want to wonder “what if”. I want to reprise a lot of my old songs as well as do new ones. I want to cover rock and pop records. I want to create songs that help people love and cope. I may never stage dive, but man do I want to shake, rock and swivel as I belt out lyrics from my soul in front a microphone. I want to have that tireless fun of creating music again. It’s truly a part of me that I understand will never die.

This year, I make real steps into creating my band. I look forward to updating on this process.

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