My Birthday Gift To Me

My birthday and birthday weekend have a definite routine. That routine involves a trip to the outlet mall and me picking up 2 pair of Levi’s. This year is the first time in a long time where that doesn’t seem to be the greatest idea short or long term. In fact for the last week I have been milling over in my mind, what will I get myself for my birthday?

Today, I woke up with my final answer and decision on what to gift myself for my birthday. That gift will be, upgrading this wordpress account and officially get my .com and monetize this site! The self investment is much more valuable to me right now. I really want to make writing a job and well, who’s going to take that seriously if I don’t even take the steps to attempt to monetize the place where I write the most?

One of the upgrades cost what 2 pairs of jeans cost at the outlet. What’s the point of buying new jeans when you really got nowhere to go? What’s the point on wearing new jeans if you’re not going to places you want to be?

My goal to monetize my blog can lead me to buying 10 pairs of jeans. I like that possibility better. I don’t need new jeans. I need to turn my goals into reality.

So Happy Birthday to me! I doubt I even wait for my actual birthday to make this happen. Know what you want and go after it immediately! Let’s live a dream!

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