I Felt Paradise

Image by kai kalhh from Pixabay

Yesterday, I got a chance to feel complete. I had a moment of experiencing life on my terms. It felt so good that I don’t want to go back to the regular life that is ahead of me today.

It was bigger than it being my birthday. That’s what made the day special, but the euphoria I felt throughout the day was because I controlled every minute of my day.

Yesterday, I woke up, wrote something, worked out and began planning out the rest of my day. It consisted of more writing ideas and receiving deposits. I got to chance to clean my shoes because I had time. It’s not that it’s a huge task, but it was cool that I completed because I had a moment to do so. Then I took a moment to enjoy a nice lunch while checking out one of my favorite podcast. From there I took an impromptu nap. Not something I would do every day, but after almost a solid 12 hours of being up and active it was nice to recharge for the 2nd half.

My evening started with dinner and ending with me creating more content. I also had the option of attending a sporting event yesterday. Always a cool feeling to have that in your agenda.

The above was the life! A life that I want to live! Feeling so accomplished yet having so much time on my hands was literal paradise. I must keep working on myself to experience that feeling daily. That was life on my terms. That was truly living.

After I read my affirmations last night, I prayed a different prayer. I prayed to have the freedom to live and create everyday. I prayed to “have birthdays everyday”. I thanked God and asked him to help me do everything that I can to do this every day. It’s now time to work and make this a reality. I have a goal of how much money needs to be made per day and month to experience this “full time”. My life is now dedicated to hitting that number. I look forward to telling you all how I made this a reality.

Today, wake up and attempt to feel paradise. You won’t regret it.

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