ICB Reflection…10 Years Later [Abridged Version]

Image by Jorge Guillen from Pixabay

From My Facebook Page

June 8, 2009
Cam P is informing everyone that as of Now THE SILVER MIC will not be happening because North Beach closed today…sorry we just got the news today

That post above came at the worst possible time. It was part of a snowball effect of “bad” that I was hoping would lead to some good and soon. Let me start somewhat from the beginning.

North Beach was a night spot in Downers Grove. I had assembled a team that I thought really wanted to help me further my rap career through throwing theme parties. We had two successful shows, but by the 2nd show, it was clear a couple people didn’t mess with me and the decisions I was making. Add that to me not taking a dime out of the first party earnings and putting it all into the 2nd party and well, people showed their ass in ways that was very unbecoming. Things go from bad to worse as I get info about an underage drinking bust that happened that would temporarily close down the venue. What does that have to do with my ICB reflections? Well, I was planning on using my cut of the money to pay for school.

I was a fresh 28 years old and even though I pretty much hated school, I had just recently enrolled at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting’s Lombard Campus. Why? Because I hated retail! I was tired of my life as it was. Plus, music wasn’t really as fun as it used to be. By 2009, I felt many people bailed on me in many aspects. I was going to broadcasting school because, it was a new avenue and a new chance to make something out of myself doing something I felt was cool.

I kicked 2009 off flirting with the idea of getting my Masters. Long story short with my retail schedule and financial status, I had no idea how I was going to make that happen. That thought and a conversation would lead me to meeting with a guy named, Tim White. He would kick a bar to me that would truly change how I lived the next 10 years. “Cameron, if you really want to be in radio or television, I can get you there with less time and a lot less money spent with getting your Masters.” Say no more, I’m sold. I’m broke, but I’m sold!

I really entered ICB with a lot of hope. My original plan on Day 1 in class was to get all the info and knowledge I could and land myself a radio gig in Dallas, Texas. That truly was the plan. I learned Day 1 of class that Dallas is a “Top 10 Market” and that I truly may need to be great to get that look. That didn’t shake me, it motivated me. And from there, I was off to the races!

“It’s not what you know or who you know; It’s who knows you” – Rich Renik

Looking back personally, 2009 was a really depressing and life changing year. I was truly in search of something that would keep me in positive spirits and make me happier with life. What I found was the heaviest drinking year of my life, unhealthy weight gain, erratic anger, sex as a healing and coping mechanism and more debt from a new school. The silver lining of it all was I was enrolled in ICB and love me or hate me, I was killing it! I became a standout student to know of, in a very talented class of individuals. I really felt I was pushing my creativity to another level in another avenue and it made me a better person for it. It felt good to excel in another lane but in an entertainment connected industry. But much like other instances in 2009, when it felt good and I thought I did right, something would go left, even in school. My mouth and my passion for what I do and seizing opportunity almost got me kicked out of school. Some “lady” was trying to go out her way to “humble me in the radio game” because she didn’t like the fact I told her and anybody who had anything to do with me not being able to do N.L.E Radio with J.R. Bang on a very important day to Kill Themselves. If I remember right, she printed out the FB post and gave it to the director of the school, potentially going out of her way to “end my career before it starts”. The very cool thing about me is knowing how to make people feel a written word I’ve given. My apology was overwhelmingly strong and kept me in school, despite her wish to have me gone. From that day, it was clear that I would have to overdo this because even if I felt it came easy, some people were destined to make it hard.

I went from Broadcast Enemy number 1 to Best Broadcaster Male, with perfect attendance. I felt I was respected on a whole new level. I was deemed one of the students that would definitely “make it” out of our class. Which is the best class in ICB history, June Days 2009.

I would go on to finish ICB, have an internship and land a full time radio job with a classmates assist in 12 months. That’s still considered remarkable based on how hard it is to get an “in”.

Truly I was beyond blessed considering the state I was in physically, mentally and emotionally. Did a make a lot of mistakes? Yes. And I’d make them all again because they all put my survival mode to the test. Real life, I’d make a few more. That’s another post for another time. I didn’t tell y’all about things like the girl we thought got nabbed by the Craigslist Killer, the slanderous vmail from a dude that was dating my co worker from a job I held, 6 years prior. We didn’t discuss “The Purple Dress night” the 4am call, or the day my daughter was conceived and how one persons lie had me speaking and living false truth. SPOILER ALERT! That’s probably all going to make one of my next books. No way I can give you my full ICB experience and everything that surrounded it in one post. I do look forward to sharing with you soon though.

A lot can happen in a year and I didn’t realize how real that statement was until 2009. I’ll elaborate when the time is right.

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