Patiently Impatient

I love getting new ideas because it invigorates me. I get new motivation and in a way new purpose. It’s like a new life is budding inside of me and growth is undeniable.

Within the first few days, that passion turns to impatience. I get to the point where I want it moving now. I want it “done yesterday” and I get incredibly anxious in the process. I’m trying to correct that but it’s difficult. It’s especially difficult when you have no team in place and something will require all your available time which will in turn demand your patience.

What I’m preparing mentally right now is a checklist. Things that need to get done before I unveil this new endeavor to the world. I want to take what I do to another level. I want this to be extremely special and I plan to put every vision in my mind out to the people for consumption as well as critique.

So for right now, it’s no deadline. It’s just time to collect all of the tools, resources and components that I need to make my next project special. Ok brain…drive me crazy!

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

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