A Shot for A Leap

Yesterday, I made the conscious decision to go after one of my “dream jobs”. I looked up names, found emails and reached out in an effort to get what I want. I’m happy to say I got 1 out of office and 2 real responses! One of the responses included a request for my resume!

The battle is far from over, but it was great to go after something and get a desired result. A small response goes a long way, but you won’t get a response if you don’t take action.

Yes, I still have aspirations of having my own business and monetizing my podcast and all the above. I also like to eat everyday, have a roof over my head and see my daughter as much as possible. We still need money coming in until my independent passions pay for themselves. I’m totally cool with this potential opportunity taking up some of my creating time. I’m praying I get to explain why, soon!

Have a great day!

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