Save Some Time. Ask A Woman

I’m awake after a really good nap and want to say this. Sometimes “Help” is a solid answer to a question.

I have been in pursuit of an opportunity for about a year. I felt I was asking pretty simple questions. I thought I was being direct and clear on exactly what I want and my intentions. Although I was all those things, I was getting nowhere fast. I was spinning my wheels and exhausting myself trying to figure out “what do I do next?”

With that being said, Women have been WAY MORE HELPFUL than men the last few weeks. The last 10-12 months asking a few men one question has sent me everywhere but where I wanted to go. Asking that same question to 2 women in last 7 days has given me clarity on what to look for, who to reach out to and what is realistic. Keep in mind there was a holiday within the last 7 days. It’s a relief. For a moment, I thought I was expecting too much.

From my own time and experience recently, It’s been pointless to ask a man a question. Ask a man a question and he don’t know shit! He don’t know what to do, how to do it or tell you how to start. I’ve asked a man how to get on the path of doing what they do! Still couldn’t get a straight answer.

Ask a woman the same question she’ll at least get you to square one to build. They don’t need to have done the job before. They don’t even need to be over the region or department. They just go get the answer. Then give you answer. Seems simple, but obviously not for everybody.

Whether it’s ego or just being a sucka…I’m cool on dudes. I don’t want to waste my time. I don’t need to spend energy talking to other men who either can’t help me or don’t want to help me, but are not man enough to say exactly that. I see why Dame Dash really stands on “Keep Women Around”. I see why many multi-millionaires and billionaires have ambitious wives who execute task greatly. I see why technology and social media has lead to a boom in the presence of women in every industry and why they are excelling. No one gets to the top alone. Knowledge is power and information is the path to resolution and success. No one seems to understand that more than women or maybe most men know that but want all the information and power to themselves. We’ll leave it as a case by case analysis.

I’m done asking another man questions this year…and I’m hiring a bunch of women one day. No wonder people think I’m exceptional at helping others. They’re not used to a man with answers that truly wants to help. Sad.

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