What’s The Move…

I don’t belong here…
But where should I go…

I don’t belong in a quad 5 days
Clicking, typing, calling
Slowly wasting away
Sure it pays and I’m thankful
But this isn’t the way
It’s just not my destined path
So I’m planning an escape

I don’t belong in the place I call home
I never did…
That’s why it’s so easy to roam
And half check-in
It made me who I am but it’s time to move on
I still want to help and will
But as a resident…No.

I don’t belong here…
City number 3 and it’s clear
It’s deeper than “tough times”
There’s no connection here

Sporadic inspiration
Kool aid budget executions
Wanting but having to wait
Not seeing true success as I view it

It’s just hard to do it
When the feeling ain’t exuberant
And your heart is pulling you somewhere
And you’re asking “Where” to it

Don’t confuse my words and views
Cause what’s not great for me
Can be the world to you
I’m crafting an escape
Not sitting with excuse

I don’t belong here…
What’s the move?

Image by intographics from Pixabay

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