Feeling The Test

I just had revelation on the way to bed, so I’m back up to write about it…

I’ve spent the last week or longer talking about wanting to get “more” and earn more money and wanting better for myself. Since I’ve said that, I’ve been getting tested at my primary job. My patience, my attitude and my willingness to “play nice” is all under attack. It’s under attack in the form of a person. It’s the only logical way to explain what’s been happening lately.

I was just telling my wife earlier today that I’m obviously being tested. I just couldn’t put my finger on why. Now, it’s more than obvious. I’ve been pumping that positive reinforcement to myself and now God is moving. I asked for “more” and “better” and now, he’s preparing me to have that. There is no triumph without tragedy. There is not testimony without a test. I’m in the process of being tested to get what I have been asking for.

Now I know why I didn’t hit send on that email yesterday. I know why I didn’t force the issue of a fiery conversation in the meeting today. When I had to step out, with the day almost over, just to give myself an encouraging pep talk; I understand it’s God helping me cope and not forget about what I’ve been asking for.

Although the test is in full effect, I still got to put in effort to make it happen. I’m not going to let up. In fact, I’m going to fight harder. I’m going to climb out of this darkness to shine brighter than ever. It truly is my time and I must stay ready and firmly on my square. Nothing is going to stop me from getting where I want to go.

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