A Blog Progress Report

Within the first 6 days of August, I have accomplished 2 milestones with my blog.

I have reached 200 followers and I have officially beat my total number of views for 2018!

To the 200 people that follow this blog, Thank You! When I first started this, I just wanted a place to express myself, give pieces of my mind and feelings. This started out as nothing more than a “Live Journal”. To see that more people are following, liking, commenting and really digesting the words here is nothing short of amazing. I started this platform to process life and “empty my brain”. No matter when you followed or why you follow I appreciate it.

Beating the entire year of 2018 by the first week of August is crazy! I haven’t even hit 200 post yet! I did 362 posts last year to get the number I’m succeeding with 171 post, not counting this one! I don’t question blessings, I just recognize them and show gratitude.

I’ll keep living, thinking and writing about it. I hope it continues to entertain, inspire or help you in whatever way it was needed. Again, if you have ever clicked, liked or followed; Thank you!

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