Connecting with My Purpose

This week, I’ve taken time to get back into a great book. “The Way of The Superior Man” by David Deida. The first time I listened to it, I was inspired to make changes and get focused. Going through it now, I believe it has helped me understand, define and connect with my deep purpose.

I’ve wandered through a couple decades of life wondering; “What should I be doing?” Like most people, I thought a job or career path would define me. That’s what you’re taught. Doctor, Lawyer, Basketball player. That’s what you are. You are here to do that. I’ve never really connected with a job or career on that level so I never understood it.

Then I thought being an artist was my purpose. I had a vision on how I would “change the world” with my musical artistic expressions, but that didn’t give me a lot of results I truly desired. Then there was radio. I felt purpose in radio was to “speak a fearless truth even if it was unpopular.” I think that action is needed but I no longer believe that is my purpose. Sometimes what you’re good at is not your purpose. Maybe what you’re good at is the vehicle meant to drive your purpose. That’s what I’m processing right now.

I think my purpose on this earth is to be a resource. Why? Because of the completion I feel when I have an answer or can assist someone. Whether it’s selling you the blanket in the exact color you want, providing you with an out of the box solution or simply connecting you with someone you can learn from, work with or being inspired by, I feel good. Actually I feel great! It gives me a recharge or energy boost that nothing else truly ever has.

I love having answers and providing solutions. One of my first days on my job last year, I told this furious warehouse manager “I’m in the solutions business. Now that you have expressed the problem, let’s figure out something fair for both of us.” That exchange led to him giving me his cell phone number and having him as a direct contact. Yes, I believe in definitiveness, but I also believe there is a way to get, solve and resolve everything. My critical thinking is unique to say the least and even when I say “I don’t know” I’m plotting an answer to follow up with. My wheels constantly turn because there is always something to figure out. Figuring things out gives me joy. How could that not be my purpose?

I think it’s important to know. I believe a big part of why I like being a resource is because I’ve spent so much time searching for resources myself. It always felt like no one understood me, could answer my question or assist me with information. All I’ve ever wanted was to know something. I’m now realizing that I am turning into the resource I never had and always wanted around. Being a resource is a great way to serve others. I genuinely want to be a great resource for others. With this revelation, what’s next?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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