Recognizing My Purpose: Day 1

Today is day 1 of recognizing my purpose as a Resource that operates with Gratitude.

This morning was different. My visualization was not about accumulating wealth. It was about me operating in my purpose and how it will make me feel. It was about me drawing the energy from others that I have contributed to positively. The thought of that feeling was great. Like it was actually happening in that moment. That feeling was different than the anxiety and impatient feelings I get when thinking about acquiring money. When I visualized operating as a resource, I felt like there was more than enough time. I felt like it would be accomplished daily even hourly. There was no pressure or suspense because I know I can get this done no matter what the circumstance.

I’ve help people when I’ve had something, next to nothing and when I felt I had everything. It never changed. I am hoping that recognizing that and moving with it in mind as an everyday contribution will give my mind some freedom from my focus on wants, needs and temporary have-not’s. I look forward to sharing new experiences and revelations.

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