What’s real?
The person trying to avoid contact?
Trying to to suppress feelings cause of how you’ll react
Or the person who fearlessly lives out loud with no regret
Take the heart ache or rejection and still prepares for what’s next?

What’s honest?
Saying what you felt when it’s too late?
Or speaking ahead of date to make sure things straight
Same delivery no matter the circumstance
Behind closed doors, not for the admiration of fans

What’s pain?
A subject of circumstance?
Discomfort from reality and thought plans?
A scar, a scab a wound, a puncture
A word, a tongue, a strike
A want, a hunger

What’s success?
A variable
5 artist with same canvas and colors
But not one picture presented is similar to others

What’s living?
The opposite of surviving
The feeling after grinding
The doing over trying

What’s life?
Anything you want and put your mind to
The best and worst of times
Will you fall or pull through?

What’s anything you want in this life?
Everything you can imagine or fathom
No matter if your atrocious or handsome
You got until your casket or cremation
To contribute and birth a nation
Time is the endless tool that can’t be wasted

Image by PRAIRAT FHUNTA from Pixabay

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