Alters in Routine

It’s been a while since I focused on my break in routine. Partially because it has changed subtly but somewhat drastically.

First major thing is I been getting up at 5am instead of 430. It just feels better. I no longer feel drowsy late morning and I don’t crash early evening. I’ve also been staying up later, which by nature is honestly what I do. I was a night owl forever. I would stay up to 2am sometimes. I probably could stay up till 11pm or later and still be up by 5 if I really needed to be. The biggest thing is I feel better. Waking up at 430 was cool and at one point I was well adjusted, but the marathon of the 24 hour day felt more taxing when I got up that half hour earlier. At 5am to 10pm I feel like I have more than enough in me to make it happen. I have more productive energy and make the most of my time.

Although I’m super late to the party, I got back to running the last week or so. It was good to get out there even though I was feeling it and couldn’t complete a full mile without stopping the first few attempts. I’ve also been doing H-I-I-T workouts and been incorporating more muscle building than cardio.

I been meditating more. I need to block out a great time to do this every day so I can remain consistent with it. That extra moment of calm has been pretty good. I haven’t the last couple days and I definitely could use it.

Lastly, I have been working on promoting my brand. I realized this week I’m a terrible self promoter. I got merchandise and book and podcasts and all of those entities should be working for me. I have enough going on to make my brands full time jobs, so I got to start working on them like they are. I got to put myself out there and truly start a movement so I can live the life I desire.

So yeah, my routine has changed. I’ve just implemented more of what I want to do while still doing what I have to do. 11 months from now I’ll be doing everything I want to do. It’s truly an exciting time.

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