A Chasing Revelation While Brushing My Teeth

I think it’s time I stop chasing money. I say that because of my fear of once again being in insurmountable debt. I had an expense that I couldn’t pay cash for and well, now I’m a little more anxious than I was in say June of 2019. I had to charge that expense. Two things popped in my mind when I did this.

1. I am not buying a car anytime soon. I’ll lease or walk.
2. I need to find a way to get this money ASAP!!!

As I get prepared for the day today, a Jadakiss lyric popped in my mind.

Soon as you start chasing the money, that’s when the money start running

To be real, money has been running my whole life. It’s been running my conversations, my aspirations, my fantasies even my career. Now it’s running my family and my mind. I have to stop that today. I realized my purpose and that gave me the peace I needed. Now, I got to make sure that my purpose runs my life everyday and not money.

I live in America. A Capitalist country that runs on the Almighty Dollar. Even with that fact, I can’t let the dollar run me. My purpose is to be a resource and I can be that no matter what is in my wallet.

Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay

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