Full Circle Perspective

Yesterday was very draining emotionally. I took myself down quite a few notches. I went to a place I honestly thought I wouldn’t be again, but I needed it. I needed it because of the self reflection aspect. The puzzle pieces I put together clarified the picture I want to see for my life.

If I can’t lose 40 pounds by NYE, then I can’t save at least $20 a month. If I can’t do either of those, then I won’t be able to take family trips or complete projects I’ve started. These things are all lifestyle based and rooted in discipline. They can be done simultaneously, but it all starts with wanting those things more than anything else. It will be sacrifice on the way to these goals. I will have to think about tomorrow’s finish line before I give in to today’s desire. It’s a tedious journey and every single day counts.

Yesterday, I sat wondering what my passions are and how can I profit. At the same time wanting to leave the position I was in physically, mentally and emotionally. I was clouded and jaded. Disappointed and a shell of myself. I became very mad at myself for the position I have put myself in. What is clear this morning is that nothing was going to get solved in that moment. No positive breakthrough was going to come while being in that place. A clear positive, conscious mind is the only thing that can spark appropriate growth. I’m in better spirit today. I will move as such. Answers will come and I will make things happen. I want so much, but haven’t sacrificed enough to get it. Since that is understood, it’s time to execute as such.

Image by smailies from Pixabay

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