Let’s Change Some Things…Again.

Over the last 36 hours, I have been done and spent. I don’t want to use Social Media as the developer intended anymore. I’m tired of captions, hashtags, setting appointments and posting at “the right time of day” to build a following and get engagement. It’s just no longer something that is a concern for me and “my brand”. At this point, people follow, like and share or they don’t and to be real, I don’t want to pay for attention right now. It’s not going to stop the work I’m putting in no matter what. The work is what makes me happy. Not the stats the work produces.

Speaking of “My Brand”; I’m over trying to build one. At least consciously. There’s an episode of Camp From The Port coming up that speaks on authenticity and the value, strength and comfort of being yourself. Taking a step away from this world of social media, being with family in my hometown and having conversations for the show have really helped me mentally in so many ways. I’m embarking on another change. The change has me excited about interaction. The change will keep me on social media but also give my core clarity.

I’m done creating new pages and accounts every time I have an idea. One man came up with these ideas. My problem is structuring. I create so much and am not sure where all of it can and should go. What’s certain is that the only thing that should define me is my name. That name breeds the products and those products can be promoted. I’m my own hub. I’m not here to build several followings. I’m here to give my gift of creation to the world. It’s should be a one way street for that.

I’ll make it all make sense soon.

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