Ending The Decade Strong

Today, I officially started a life insurance policy. This was a task that was Long overdue. One of my new biggest fears is leaving this earth and leaving my family needing to start a Go Fund Me just to cremate me and stay afloat in my demise. That’s also super disrespectful on my end. How can I spend my time on this earth, live and create life and not make sure those lives are in the best possible position when mine is over?

It may be an extreme way of thinking but it’s why I made the decision I did today. I feel really bad for families that have to ask for money or not know how they are going to eat and live without the head of the household around. It truly is heartbreaking on so many levels. I want to play the game of life smarter going into the next decade. Cause when the game is over, it’s over.

Grant it, I plan to be around till 115, but who knows what my 40’s and the new decade will bring. I may have more children, I may develop an illness. I may become a multimillionaire and be full time working for myself at 43. The only thing sure is nothing’s for sure. So I got to be ready for whatever.

Closing out the 2010’s with a good credit score, a savings account and a life insurance policy. Next decade we really get into investing and securing our financial future.

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