A Word for Civilians

It’s ok to be ignorant of the street life, but let’s not accept and condone violations of that world. When you’re in the streets, street rules apply. If you don’t want to live by those rules, stop playing in the streets.

The streets recognize civilians and solider’s. Both can become victims but only one will truly understand why. We outliers and outsiders to that life and those ignorant to the code of the streets can not be the voice of “snitching” and when and why you should do it.

The streets will catch up to every man or woman that chooses to participate in the streets. And for those it is truly no remorse. Only sorrow. Another life lost. Another chance at freedom stifled.

A snitch is a participant in criminal activity, who outs other individuals for doing comparable or worse criminal activity in order to avoid prison time. There is no asterisk or caveat to be added to that. A young person that becomes a victim of his own circumstance is not exempt from that.

What we can do, is provide hope and opportunity. Create activity to keep people out the streets. Teach them that the streets don’t love them and the cycle will never stop. Show young people the power of planning and having a real goal to get out of your unwanted lifestyle and living conditions. Avoid the “hood politics” and the “code of the streets” advice if you are unaware how they operate. Simply show them a better path to get them away from that life.

Photo by https://wikibirthday.com/lawyer-lance/

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