Be Secure with Your Life

Success is always been suggestive and a case by case basis. I’ve been watching a couple people go back and forth, slandering and arguing with each other over something that seems very small in theory. The relationship seems beyond repair where we sit now. I’ve stayed out the way of that, but it’s been something on my mind and heart so I want to say it here.

We aren’t all meant to be “winning the race” at the same time. It’s never been cool to look down on someone who may have less than you or something that isn’t of high quality to you. If that person is happy with their life and circumstance, let them live their life.

It’s also not cool to kick a person while they’re down or point and laugh when they’re at the bottom. If that person was really a friend or family to you, you should want to help them; Not watch them scratch, scrape and struggle to survive.

Also, don’t be fooled by what is portrayed. Many people have attractive lives on social media. Many people live in luxury and bliss one post at a time. Angles can be deceiving though. A person may be sleeping in that expensive car they posted. They may be stealing vacation pics of that home that you envy. They can flat out not know the people they pose with, no matter what the caption says. Don’t get wrapped up in what people display on these platforms. Be wrapped up in your own self awareness and authenticity. Make time to be happy with what you have and how you got it. Leave that “Stuntastic” behavior for the internally poor and lonely. Don’t reciprocate the disrespect. Simply remove them from your vision and plan.

Win your race. Set your pace. Focus on lapping yourself. Love.

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