Camp From The Port: Episode 003: A Better Place

One of my favorite people to follow on Social Media is “G.I Jade”. I feel she’s mastered making people feel or be “triggered” by her statements and opinions.

Jade’s been through some things and I must admit all the great moments didn’t make it to video, but you’re going to get plenty of jewelry!

I wanted Jade to talk to the ladies about having a plan, staying motivated and making it happen no matter what. What I got is an impromptu refresher on authenticity and a lot of great self reflection of who I want to be moving forward. She also helped me on how to deal with friends that can’t spell and my flub or lack of diction on consonant vs continents right after. It’s another dose of good game on #CampFromThePort

Make sure y’all visit to get fly for any occasion.

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