The Drain Phase…

Sometimes the energy to smile is too much
They ask for my vibrance and flame
But I am snuffed
Too much peopling for me today
I’m up
No disrespect to an of you
But enough’s enough

Let me rejuvenate
Restore in my space
Release the thoughts that swirl
Attempt to meditate
When you want me around
The standard is great
But it’s impossible for me
To deliver that every day

Yo momma said cut the game off
You running up the “lectric bill”
And it’s getting hot

Your phone down to 5%
It will get to green faster
If you plug in the charger
With no text or talk

When you couldn’t find your keys
Left your wallet somewhere
Got caught on the door handle
Tripped and fell over there

You had a lot going on
And all you had to hear
Was, just stop…

Now everything’s clear.

Image by Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay

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