Black Revenge or Black Forgiveness?

It’s hard AF to be black in America. Like, really hard to be black in America. Many of us only know our history as being no more than “400 years of slavery” Emmet Till, “Jim Grow and racist sh*t in the 60’s, Malcolm and Martin, Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, and police harassing, embarrassing, disrespecting and shooting us.

The behavior towards black people hasn’t changed much, it’s just technology is capturing more of it and now it’s not openly celebrated because the 2nd greatest fear in America is Black Revenge. Black revenge even scares black people. What we could do or should do to combat oppression strikes literal fear in the hearts of every man woman and child. Why? Because it would be justified. It would be understandable and felt to a degree that you could argue “what took you so long?” and it should end like any Stallone or Schwarzenegger movie. With a black man or woman being celebrated for destroying every piece of shit oppressor and their conditioned offspring cause in the end, the world is truly a safer place for us all. That doesn’t happen though. Not only does it not happen, it’s not even planned. We only organize to do one thing, mourn, cry, pray to God and find the strength to forgive.

Black forgiveness is amazing! Black forgiveness is thought to be rare, but in actuality maybe it’s done too much. Well too much if you’re not black. Some say we “Forgive Masa” under the act of praising a white Jesus/God. It makes sense. After all, many slaves were taught “no matter how bad of a disgusting piece of shit human being you are, God will forgive you.” And “God is white and loves you, but he will punish you when you are doing wrong.” It’s the rhetoric of this mighty yet vengeful God that has an odd compassion that may cost you your life that leaves many of us confused. I believe religion is division, so my “deep dive” ends here.

Which one is right? Does the answer depends on how much knowledge of self and history you have? Is it based on what God you pray to? Is it only rooted in spirit and not facts? Does understanding both sides truly help?

These are the types of questions I mill over every time there’s a new black body being slain or laid to rest. Every time there is a new trial. A new verdict whether guilty or acquitted. A new sentencing. The reaction of white, black and other and the stance that everyone is so firm on moving forward with.

How can you not expect and respect “black revenge” if you are truly aware of your surroundings on American soil? How can you truly heal without forgiveness in your heart? Will the blood of others on your hand help you sleep at night? Is there power to be gained in the act rage and revenge?

Again, just questions that flood my mind. There is a fight to be had though. In rage and forgiveness we still must fight. In my view, it’s time to assemble and solidify what we are fighting for. I’m for the war, but war is strategic. It’s not cut and dry and the plans shouldn’t be visible. I have goals for my family and my people. It’s not meant to be consumed on social media. You don’t move with announcements and Q&A. Only action is required.

I’ll close with saying this to all my black people; If you feel rage or forgiveness, you’re right. If you want revenge, you’re right! Your spirit, your knowledge and your upbringing has lead you to that place and you are justified. Just don’t attack the people that look like you over the opposing stance. That’s not what we here to do. Let’s love in the midst of our opposing stance. Don’t make the battle about our opposing feelings. Make the battle of how we stand strong and triumph despite the verdicts we hear and the images we see. You want black power and black progression? Channel that rage, work with the forgiving and acquire power. All aspects of “Black Revenge” is feared. We must never forget that.

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