Did I Eat Vegetables Today???

While on my goal oriented health journey, I’ve been coming to some interesting revelations. As you monitor what you eat and when you eat, you start to look at options. For the past couple weeks I’ve been trying to eliminate so much bad that I realize I have to diversify and increase my good. While analyzing my good and bad choices this week, I realized something terrible; I don’t eat vegetables everyday.

Since I’ve cut back on potatoes drastically, I’ve notices sometimes I literally don’t have a vegetable with some of my meals. It’s not intentional, but as Jeff from ATHLEAN-X would tell me, that’s killing my gains! I’m not worried about being “protein deficient” I’m worried about the fiber and vitamins that are needed daily for me to keep breaking this fat down! Also, because vegetables will give you adequate protein too! Last month my vegetable gain was so high I began to see and feel the difference within 2 weeks. I got to get back to that, especially since I’m heavy into weight training this month!

So as of today, I will make it a point to have vegetables everyday! That’s step one into the right direction. Eventually I want to have vegetables no less than 3 times a day. Getting serious about my health has honestly been fun. The challenge is daily and temptation is always present. 215 isn’t far away and I got my foot on the gas!

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