When are you really fed up and want to make it happen?
Are you going to wait for death to provide inspiration?
Will you begin when all is lost?
Crying in a shaken state wishing it didn’t have to be like this
Will it be when you’re vulnerable? When you’re in complete despair?

When? When are you going to do?
Must you put off your desires like your cravings during meaningless crash diet?
Haven’t you suffered enough?
Not taking vacations and enjoying the fruits of your labor
Saying “not now” or “next check”
Cause eventually “next year” never comes

You fester in your unhappy thoughts
Anxious about what could have been
Nervous to start small
That pace of your heart makes it hard to begin
But the question is always, When?

When will you speak of your occupation with pride?
When will you tap in to where your passion lies?
No more of the melancholy, matter of fact demeanor
Deflated, less than elated, alternate plans to a undesired future

If it’s temporary, be swift with your tenure
Build to your path on a life to remember
Sway in the breeze of your expectations
Land past potential and flourish in revelation

You want what you think and know how to begin
Next play is to execute
To that, we ask, When?

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