6AM on October 24th

Making time to create, to gain success so you can quit your job can be difficult. Sometimes the motivation for the little things are off. I really wished I had thought like I am thinking now, 3 years ago.

This time in 2016 I was about to start a new job. What I could have been doing was writing. I could have created this blog and began writing books then. I had to move back in with my mom and was rent free and living off my last checks and soon after unemployment.

Instead of doing that, I was looking for media jobs. That lead to looking for work in general. Those things lead to the less than desirable path that I had ample opportunity to avoid. Even though I say this, all those moments had to happen. They had to happen because it eventually lead it’s way to this moment. The story isn’t told the same if I start in 2016. There are some details and some content that don’t make “Living In A Beautiful Disaster” if 2016 ends differently. So I can’t ponder or harp on the “what if”; I need to make the most of now.

I would really like to get out. See or do something to keep the words flowing. That always helps. No excuses. I will try to provide a shock to my reality immediately. Even if it means taking a day off. I’m going to do something to help open me up mentally so I can add more color to my creations.

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