No More Thinking

I need to stop thinking. I got to get to work. Thinking too long leads to overthinking and then, things don’t get done. The thought I had this morning was great though. It put my interview content creation in perspective.

Moving forward, I only want to talk to people I’m actually a fan of. I don’t need to do anything for “exposure” or “practice” anymore. It’s not beneath me, but it’s not needed at this stage for me. Now, I want to speak to those I admire, love and genuinely support.

It’s also time I build my own fan base with things that are authentic to me. No more trying. All doing. Putting out the things that I truly want and letting people gravitate towards that. With that will come a better system of creation. I got to become better at managing my time, to create more content that I’m in love with and putting that out for people to see. Most importantly, no more rushing. The content will come out on my time with my vision on full display.

I’m in full rebrand mode. Physically, mentally and creatively. Let’s get back to the work.

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