Because none of that shit matters. None of it.
Mentally it’s 2020 for me.
I have changed and adapted. Added new elements to my lifestyle.
The need to be active on Social Media is nonexistent.
I don’t have that old job that requires fake things.
I don’t want to play the game or join the crowd
I still suck at being phony and I’m done reaching out.
My escape is a pen, a keyboard and the world beyond WiFi
Drinking to cope or forget is no longer apart of me.
My expression of love, praise and gratitude is greater.
I still feel hate, disdain and loathe people, places and things.
I’m not interested in being perfect, nice or real.
My concern is being me. Cam.
A man of constant thoughts feelings and emotions.
A person motivated by his past to presently make a greater future.
Someone who uses the word Friend like Family.
Loving unconditionally. Caring uncontrollably. Fighting infinitely.
Cam. Finding me, Becoming me and evolving me at the same damn time.
Loving the right doing of my wrongs and fearless in my truth.
The privately open book. The close friends journal.
The resource who often wonders.
Doing what I wish on my terms.
That hater of small talk but can converse for hours.
A person of high faith. A creator. A human truly being.
One who disappears in a quest to recharge energy.
We can talk forever but not today.
But I’ll do anything and make anytime for “You”
To love me and to hate me is to agreed I’m still the same dude.

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