So I Been Reading About Semen Retention

Earlier this year, I got a chance to check out a book called, “The Way of The Superior Man”. I found it very enlightening for a few life reasons. In that book, I got a chance to evaluate myself, my circumstance and things I honestly didn’t like about myself. Listening to that book let me know that I can change on a level greater than I ever imagined and I can start putting in the work at anytime and the results will show.

In the book, there is a lot of “mastery of self” talk mental as well as physical. There’s even chapters about ejaculating up your spine and the powerful benefits that come with “not cumming.” When I first read it, I was like, “Eh! I like to get my nut off whether with a woman or with standard masturbation and I’m not changing that.” A revisit to the book in September had me thinking, “Do I have the power in me to not ejaculate even during sex?” It’s a wild concept and I have been giving it more thought the last couple weeks.

For the last 3 maybe 4 years, I have been seeing post on “No Nut November” and the “No Fap” movement which I educated myself on and it’s interesting. I didn’t realize “No Fap” was actually geared to help people with porn addiction and other sexual natured vices and “controls”. I didn’t dig too deep on it, because that’s not what I was really looking for, but I will check out more on it soon. No Nut November is self explanatory. In November, “I’m not masturbating”. No need to elaborate on that. What I was looking for was info on Semen Retention.

Semen Retention sounded like everything the book was telling me. The mastery and control of man and his seed. His genitals and how he uses it and when. There’s not a lot of “scientific fact” on this anywhere, but the internet is flooded with testimony. Men across the world who may be single or in relationships have stopped masturbating or have engaged in sexual activity without actual standard ejaculation. I got intrigued because I have had those moments where I just don’t cum and I’m good. Performance is confirmed successful and I’m satisfied with the outcome on my end as well. I’ve never purposely done it or “found another way to release” though. It’s an interesting challenge and I’m going to prepare myself to start taking it on.

For the Super TMI portion of this post, I’ve been masturbating at a frequency that is way beyond what I desire and I want to stop. So I will. I’m using this month to start my new journey into a life without masturbation. I want to experiment with my physical in ways many won’t. It’s honestly easy to “get that nut off” versus not doing it, channeling that energy and putting it to work for you in another capacity.

To provide an example; When I write with sexual fueled urge and desire, I create beautiful scenarios and the color of my language seems to peak, no matter the topic, but especially when describing women, sex or just wanting people to connect and feel. On the flip, masturbation has definitely stalled the process of a book I’m writing. When I reach my point of no return a lot of vision releases along with that moment of self gratification. So I want to change and channel that if possible.

My big fear is, how will I keep my focus? Sometimes, I would masturbate just to clear the lust out of my mind or to not say or do something stupid. For a good portion of my life, masturbation has stopped me from making stupid or terrible mistakes. Those mistakes weren’t frequent and consistent, but they definitely provided clarity during potentially disastrous times. From what I’ve been reading, I’m supposed to take those moments and put them into something like my writing, lifting weights or some form of expression or action and just not ejaculating and letting that energy dissipate with no benefit to me. Sounds easy, but man and both of his heads can be difficult to control.

I’m taking this day by day, week to week and hope to get to a month strong in every aspect of the word. It’s been a long time since I can say I have “never masturbated” so this is a great challenge ahead of me. I look forward to the journey and the results. Will I become a master of Semen Retention? My answer right now, “If it leads to the ultimate master of self and destiny; Yes.”

If you do or have done this before, I’m curious to know about your journey. Why did you start or stop? How long did it take for you to master this? How did it impact your life? Any dialogue you can provide is appreciated.

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