Choosing Happiness, Forever!

As the year comes to a close and we embark on a new decade, I must make a choice for ultimate change. I won’t be the same man, making the same decisions the same way in 2020 and beyond. With that said, I will begin to make decisions based on happiness first and not second or last. Life, love, career, everything! Happiness will be the root of my decision making moving forward.

I’ve spent most of my life taking jobs “for the the money”. I can count on 1 hand the number of jobs I honestly wanted to do and loved doing regardless of the pay. I’ve gotten too wrapped up in “knowing my worth” and “what the market says” what this or that job should be and it’s left me empty. Present day, I’m holding a day job that pays the bills. I don’t want to make it a career. I’m not passionate about the industry or day to day operations. I don’t care if I excel or move up in the company. I want more money though. That never changes. They could never not give me a higher dollar amount that I wouldn’t take. However, would that truly make me happy? I’ve felt like that a lot over the last 18 years. Will the money to do a job you don’t love ever be enough? I officially understand that the answer will forever be, no. I want to stop that cycle. Great news for me is that I can.

I’ve gotten a chance to work for a great company over the last 3 years while working this other job. I love the industry, the potential of opportunities, I even like the scheduling and hours of operations. Perks are pretty cool too! What was holding me back was “not making enough money”. I looked past my happiness to try to get more than what I’ve potentially earned. I’m worried about “how to pay bills” when maybe a more humble style of living is the real answer. Getting deeper in this company is a win for many things I’ve said I always wanted to do with my life. Until today, I was going to let money get in the way of that. That thought is now non-existent! I’m going for it all. I’m going to go forward with this company and create the life I truly want in time. I got to be brave enough to take the first step and trust the process that all will be well if I remain happy and live in my purpose.

Plus, I want to set a better example for my daughter. I don’t want her to see her father always “doing what he has to do for money”. I want her to see me doing what I want to do, because happiness is the biggest payoff. I don’t want her to feel she has to “do” out of necessity. I want her to know she can experience happiness doing what she loves to do. Her watching me “do whatever” wont help that cause at all.

I’ve been unhappy numerous times and have never felt like I’ve made enough money. Let’s try to be happy somewhere and see if that’s the compensation I’ve truly been looking for all along.

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