I Finally Saw RAW in Chicago!

I been a big wrestling fan for pretty much my whole life. Within my fandom and love for the world of pro wrestling, it was still one thing I had never done before; Been to a live show in Chicago. I’m happy to say my wife made that happen for me! It was definitely an unexpected but appreciated surprise this month!

My phone is old so I didn’t take the greatest photos, but the memory of having the moment is all I truly need! I love going to live wrestling shows and going to one in one of if not the greatest wrestling city in the world is an experience I won’t forget!

One of the coolest things about attending a live WWE show is the stuff that won’t make TV. Monday night, I got to see Drew McIntyre vs The Fiend in a steel cage match! It was a cool bonus to end the night and I must admit, the red light looks way better in person than it does on TV. I still would rather see Fiend matches without it, but at least when it’s live it’s easier on the eyes.

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