Am I An Author?

I took the time out a moment ago to look up the definition of “author”and to my surprise, by definition, I’ve been one for quite a while now. I have authored several articles for several years on several different outlets and in 2018, I officially put out my first book titled Living In A Beautiful Disaster.

One of the things I have never called myself was an author. I’ve tried to label myself as a “multi-media personality” “creator” “writer” but never an “author”. End of day, these labels are all connected. Some would say the labeling is pure semantics. What I have in front of me is a chance to take it very serious moving into the next decade. I have new plans and goals as we step in to 2020.

More books will be written. This will be a hub to show off my writing versatility and I hope to connect with you greater than ever with a direct and redefined purpose.

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