Semen Retention Update

It’s December and that officially means #NoNutNovember is over. To keep it so real with y’all, this was a challenge I didn’t expect and I will chalk it up to an overall fail. There was 3 days where the point of no return was stronger than my breathing techniques or my ability to ejaculate up my spine. I now understand how a wet dream can happen for a man and it’s pretty fascinating.

What I will speak to is the “changes” or lack there of. I don’t think this “worked” for me like a lot of stories I read. I didn’t see an increase or decrease in creativity. I wasn’t more or less motivated to do anything. There wasn’t an instance where I felt Semen Retention was helping or hindering me. I literally did everything I wanted to do and my creative meter didn’t rise more than normal.

Now to shoot this concept some bail, my lack of masturbating helped me uncover some things I need to handle personally. It did enlighten me on the fact I was handling a situation wrong and there was a place where I regressed. So it wasn’t a blank mission; Pun intended.

Will I continue this; Possibly. I’ll continue to make strides to improve. For a first time out, I think I did pretty well considering where I was the entire year. My final thought on semen retention is, masturbation is not done for the same reason by every human being. Some people have a better grip on reality than others. Our drives, passions and vices are fueled by the things we participate in. If semen retention helps keep you focused, driven and increases you ability to execute. Keep doing it! If it doesn’t, look within yourself to see what else is going on.

My stance still remains; Masturbation is a healthy and harmless activity that literally can help you mentally and emotionally.

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