I’ll Be A Nas Fan Forever

Yesterday, I went to the United Center in Chicago to see my favorite rapper ever in life, Nas.

It was a moment in time that I’m glad I didn’t pass up. It resonated differently than the other times I’ve watched him perform. Unlike the previous 3 times I seen Nas, this performance was more inspiration. To see him as a fan is a given, but this time being in the moment of his performance I really felt some of his lyrics were really talking directly to me.

There was a spot in the show, I believe during “One Mic” where he shouted out and encouraged the writers and poets in the audience to keep writing and let their voice be heard. That felt like confirmation to me. That felt like, he knew I was there and that was meant to help me make a decision about my next move.

As he’s running through several classic records and I’m in my section letting go and reciting the lyrics, I’m getting reminders. Reminders of who I want to be, what I can be and why I can’t stop just because things aren’t ideal. It’s important to be who I’m supposed to be no matter what the response is. It’s important that I get out all these thoughts, ideas, scripts, writings and art no matter what. Because somebody may need to read and digest it as much as I needed to get it out.

It’s a great feeling to be inspired by art. It’s a greater feeling to know that your art will inspire. I no longer care where other people put Nas in regards to their top Emcee, rapper lists. I don’t care how many classics they feel he does or does not have. I just know that he’s my favorite rapper ever and he’ll always occupy the top spot for me. Because I find myself living by the words he’s said and I’m encouraged by his words in my low times and dark moments. That kind of greatness can’t be disrespected by placement on a list.

My phone is old so I didn’t take one great picture or video of last night. However, my mind is filled with the greatness that I experienced and I am truly in a better spirit for getting that moment in time to watch him perform.

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