Unwanted Transition

I want to send out some encouraging words to anyone that may be effected by the iHeartMedia layoffs today.

Being put out of your job/career is a rough thing to process. You may feel bitter and harbor ill feelings towards people and companies depending on how they go about it. I’ve been there. It sucks beyond belief. Especially when you know you went hard every single to be respected and deemed as great at what you do.

What I can also tell you personally, is if you really want to be in and of this media and entertainment industry, a paycheck from a corporate company won’t and shouldn’t stop you. You can still live out your passions and make great things happen. It’s a new world and technology is for everybody! It doesn’t have to be over. It can simply be a new chapter.

Start over. Get your hands and feet dirty. Create for your own happiness and understand that machines don’t love you. Yeah, you may not get as many cool Social post and may lose some vanity, but if you really love this ish…You’ll be happy doing it to say nothing more than you are doing it. Best wishes to anyone that can see this. Love.

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