Feelings; Unaccomplished Feelings

I woke up have feelings of being unaccomplished. I’m currently caring about social media and why my following and engagement is the way it is. Keep in mind that I’m that same person who will take 7-30 day breaks from social media. I also have friends who don’t even have accounts. It’s becoming fascinating how I pick my spots to care and can’t understand why.

I’ve made a lot of goals this year. Many financial and career path based. I don’t really want to “document the journey” or “create content for new followers” at the moment. I want to take a different approach. I want to have product and build off of the product. My process is confusing and emotionally based. Somedays I’m writing one of my books. Another day I’m writing a song. Later in that day, I have someone else’s song on repeat. The entire week I could be daydreaming. I don’t think people would really want insight into most of that. Maybe I’ll give it a shot. Only saying that because I just thought of a piece of content that could be created out of a tweet I sent out yesterday.

When or if I have a manager, they are going to be extremely sick of me! I apologize in advance.

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