The last two weekends, I’ve been learning valuable lessons on perspectives. I’ve been doing very little talking and a whole lot of listening. I’m in a mindset now where, I know I don’t need to challenge every opinion and circumstance because I know it’s all rooted in perspective.

I been interviewing and training for a part time gig, to assure my new life resolution comes to fruition. While there I’ve met 2 people that do the same task. One person had a lot of unexpected positives. He started from his bottom and is seemingly on a career path without even knowing it. It’s nothing he planned on but he feels he’s being taken care of well and that the company is a cool place to be. Meeting him first was good because we talked about aspirations and other cool jobs that we have and had. We seemed to link on the aspect of, this job is what you make it.

The other person’s story is very dark. The pure hate and negativity he spews is not so latent and you can hear in his voice and see on his face that he should leave, but he will not. He spent a lot of time telling me how people are cheap, disrespectful and racist. He’s telling me how people speak to him and how they will eventually speak to me. He is extremely unsatisfied and wants to negotiate more “or else”.

His spiel literally had me conflicted on what I should do next. It made me question the first person and the people I had met before him. I had to take a minute on my ride home and talk to myself about everything. First, it was all about reestablishing why I am willing to take this task on. It was not for any of the deeper reasons person two had. I know what I’m signing up for and what I need to do. I’m here to do no more than that. As far as the racism allegations; I seen how he talks to people. The N-word is a hot topic. My thought is you should carry yourself in a manner where you don’t say it to or about people you wouldn’t want to hear it coming from. And if you do hear it, you make it extremely uncomfortable to be heard in your presence again. If you feel that strongly about it, you leave with that being your reason. Cause your respect for character should outweigh your respect for money.

I prayed on this. I understand that it’s nothing more than a moment in time. I understand that it’s holding a place until I get what I’m standing by for. I don’t want to give a lot of what I heard too much energy. I just want my perspective to reflect my experience. I’m going to pray again on this. I will also admit, my spirit is uneasy on this. Not just because of person number 2, but because of what I’ve been feeling internally while trying to get this to happen. On one hand, I want to make the most of this. On the other hand I feel something telling me to stay patient and not do this because you won’t be here much longer. I’m honestly not sure what hand to trust 100%.

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