To Be…

To have my smile be infectious to a heart and be reflected

For my playful nature to be accepted. Release tension and be connected with

To be warm, carefree and calm

A detour from the world and the wrong that’s going on, is what I want.

To ignite genuine happiness being free as my thoughts allow

Never holding back a piece of myself never ceasing or dialing down.

Living, connecting, understood, appreciated.

Not cause of my title, but because of my being. To my core be celebrated.

I long to be like the pics I’ve seen. No contingency or complications.

I thought I had the pics I’ve seen, but the feeling is lost or deflated.

Girl, Fuck You…

So subliminal and bold
All the energy switch
First time I truly felt like, Fuck This Bitch
I don’t need this shit
I just need to relax
Cause I ain’t missing out on nothing
I can’t get right back

Oh so you all that?
I could never do better?
The worst moments of your life were when WE were together?
Bitch that sounds kind of clever
But it really ain’t facts
I probably missed something greater
Cause I didn’t text back
It’s women not talking to me
Cause they didn’t get your chance
Some just wanted the pipe
And I ain’t take that dance

But that’s just my bad
Trying to do something different
Building animosity cause I’m deprived of my wishes
And the man that I should be is not apart of your vision
So fuck it…
Let me see what’s up with some other chicks then

Tides Turn…

Man, how the tide can turn
The world of social media
Can turn reality upside down
The quest for likes shares and follows
Attention, acknowledgement and praise

Filters washing the blemishes
Photoshop clearing the haze
Too much consumption
Will put your mind in an ugly place

The girl that once confidently stood
On the please don’t inbox
And Never is when I would
Will be in the reactions and thread
Of that very same man
Cause that recognition feels too good

That man that shoots his shot
Like open gym with no attendees
Is ridiculed, screenshot and posted
Until his wedding day pics with his queen

Man, how the tide can turn
How the emotion changes or fades
A world that promotes you should post consistently
While humans evolve any hour in a day

Writing Pages…

I’m writing pages to a book that I shouldn’t release
But to keep it bottled in is a disservice to me
Perfection is a suit I’ve never purchased for me
I just want the feeling of freedom in a moment to breathe

Exhaling the bull, I prepare to take charge
Living in a rush, like I could ever lap God
Tense because the world has given me a new guard
Love that I survived cause black life is real hard

I’m writing pages to a book that I shouldn’t release
I’m going to do some things many wouldn’t believe
Help or Hurt? Yes, and a change you may see
Maybe the pages won’t publish, but I can not delete


Your incoherent nature
Aloofness to your surroundings and interactions

The table that turns only to your right
Or things will go left with spite

The victimhood you maintain
Residing in “Hoax Valley” with only others to carry the blame

In the mirror with no reflection
Unseen, unheard but still professing

Mask or Shield…

Is what you feel a mask or a shield?
Are you hiding or preparing for the fight of your life?
Sadness falling over the smile that beautifully beams
Tears behind the eyes that are intending to survive

As time ticks away
Many feelings all but fade
The tomorrow seen is not today
Isolated with time to pray

The mask…
The mask to conceal the pain still felt
The mask that conformed
That really needs help
Sorrows of man who feels a waste of his yesterday

The shield…
The shield to combat and survive
Who fends off the greenest eye
Battling for the freedom of next time
Covering the warrior’s pain filled cry